Feet2Care is associated with ProVoet, the national branch organization for pedicures in the Netherlands

How can you recognise a ProVoet pedicure?
ProVoet is the national branch organization for pedicures in the Netherlands. All members of ProVoet are obliged to hold a professional qualification recognized by the national branche organisation.
This is your guarantee your feet are treated by a competent foot caretaker!


Appointments can be cancelled free of charge ultimately 24 hours in advance.

Pedicure practice Feet2Care
Henriëtte van Eesteren-Swellengrebel
Ruychrocklaan 127
2597 EL Den Haag
tel. 070 – 3242464
e-mail: henriette@feet2care.nl
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New in Benoordenhout, Pedicure Practice Feet2Care

Nowadays people tend to take better care of their bodies , but often the most important part is forgotten... THE FEET

Footcare treatment can consist of:
• Treatment of nails and surroundings of the nails
• Removal of excessive calluses and corns
• Treatment for splits, calloused skin, fungus toenails and ingrown toenails
Treatment according to the newest professional techniques.

Apart from this footcare, we can also provide information about possible corrections concerning your feet, about shoes and other accessories for the feet. Soothing foot massage after completing the treatment with 100% natural sheep wool cream.

The cost
The price for a standard treatment of half an hour to three quarter is € 44,- including VAT.

Do you want to make an appointment or do you have any other question?
If you are having problems or just want to give your feet the extra attention that they deserve,
please contact us without any obligation: